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Bridge transport by truck

This 16’3’’ bridge section was successfully delivered to Lac Jerome conservation after having backing up for 2 km on a winter road with tire chains! The photos don’t show all the team work involved but the work greatly exceeded the customer expectations.
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Pressure vessel transport

This 60,000 lbs, 60+feet long pressure vessel made to produce aircraft fuel is now being installed in Reno, NV after having traveled 4500 km from Montreal, Canada. #whatittakes
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Condenser transport

The experts at GTI successfully transported this 120,000 lbs condenser from Quebec, Canada to Albany, Georgia. The part had to be rolled on the side to reduce its height- and thus costs – but it still required 2 escorts.  #whatittakes  
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Heated Paper Mill Roll Transport

GTI is back at it! One happy customer at a time! 66,000 lbs paper mill roll delivered safe and on time! And thats just the tip of the iceberg! This trailer can haul up to 130,000 lbs with a 10 axle configuration!
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75 000 lbs transformer transport by truck

Another successful heavy haul move! This 75 000 lbs transformer was successfully delivered to Winchester, Tennesse. #whatittakes to make it happens are small details, like putting marks on the trailer well in advance to make sure the load is perfectly balanced. GTI also took care of managing the unloading crane so that the client had nothing to...
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Excavator transport by truck

We transported this 80,000-pound Caterillar 649 F excavator from Texas to Montreal (total weight of 140,000 lbs) Another job well done by the team at GTI! #Whatittakes
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Generator truck transport

Our 50 ‘trailer was used to successfully deliver this 75,000 lbs gas generator in Ontario. This cargo was 113 ‘, 14’ wide and 15’6 ” high. If we say we can do it, it’s a promise. Consider it done.  
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