“It takes more than just thinking outside the box. Sometimes you have to smash the box.”

What it takes
What does it take to excel in logistics today?
Here are just some of the reasons why
organizations like yours choose GTI.
Our will to deliver

We are a solutions provider, not a “no” provider. Our experience tells us that there is always a way. Embracing challenges. Making the impossible possible. Never taking on a shipment that we can’t deliver on-time or early. This drives us. If we say we can do it, it’s a promise. Consider it done.

Solutions that are all about you

Our competition looks for customers with needs that fit their operations. We’re agile. We can tailor our approach, project protocols, communication methods and administrative processes to YOUR needs and preferred way of working. That’s true customer orientation. That’s real added value and convenience. And that’s what you want in an authentic logistics partner.

Experience and expertise to overcome any challenge

There’s an expression that “every battle plan is good until the first shot is fired.” Transportation projects are like that. Composed of thousands of decisions and steps, large shipments have many of moving parts. It takes an experienced mechanic to keep those parts performing optimally and in sync along the way. That’s GTI. We adjust. We work around. We innovate on the fly. We have the experience and expertise to solve problems as quickly as they arise. We do what it takes to keep your shipment moving safely, efficiently and cost effectively. And our abilities are second to none.

Consistent customer focus

When it comes to customer service, GTI walks the talk. You experience it. At GTI, smaller loads are also BIG deals. We’ve even helped customers to solve issues they’ve had with other providers and projects that we weren’t involved in (but should have been). We don’t adjust levels of care to reflect amounts on a contract. Customers are our today and our future. We’re focused on the big picture and the long game.

True 24/7

When we say 24/7, we mean it. We’re picking up your calls. Checking emails. Confirming progress. Paying constant attention. At GTI, we know that round-the-clock service takes more than an answering service. It means always having your answer.

Always hands
on, never

What if your needs demand more than our own assets provide? No problem. We won’t try to put round pegs in square holes at your expense. We have a dedicated division for non-asset solutions that offers you much more than traditional brokers. Pre-qualified, legitimate extensions of our team. One point of contact, service, billing and coordination. Clear accountability and a single source of comprehensive liability insurance. Zero ambiguity. A single project manager, control tower and quarterback - even if your project spans multiple services and borders. No matter how complex and far-reaching your project is, it is always a GTI shipment.

not just

We’re on the front lines with our customers. We’re invested in our partnerships. We care. We regularly share transportation insights to improve customer processes and help them realize substantial savings - even if it ultimately means less revenues for us. Extra effort. Tremendous follow-through. Meticulous attention to detail. Confidence. Those are the everyday perks of working with GTI. We have your back.

The right people,
equipment and

Top of the line trucks. A fleet of specialized trailers. Solutions that work great and talented people that work harder. Exclusive global partnerships. An enviable team of accomplished industry veterans. In logistics, excellence attracts excellence. Choose GTI and experience the best in the business on all fronts.

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