“It takes being hardwired to go that extra mile and always do the right thing without any hesitation.”

Danny Desjardins, Fleet Manager

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“You have to be a special kind
of person to work here.”

In most companies, that phrase might set off alarm bells. Not at GTI. We’re truly a special kind of company. We literally excel in specialized transport. Immense shipments. Mammoth undertakings. Very cool projects that not every company can handle. On many fronts, we’re a cut above traditional logistics companies. And that invariably means not everyone can make the cut.

You don’t have to be a logistics savant to join our family. Drivers. Owner-operators. Ops support. Sales. Customer service. Admin. GTI has plenty of opportunities for talented individuals beyond those on the front lines of project delivery. So, what do we look for?

Our team members understand how things are conventionally done. Then they intuitively look for better ways of doing it. We are all catalysts in the constant evolution of our company and its processes.

If you love the “same old, same old” day in and day out, then GTI is not for you. We thrive on being challenged. We love that every project is different. And we’d rather innovate and find a way than say “no”.

In our workplace, only you define your limits: there is no ceiling. Bold words, we know, but they’re true. Talk to some of GTI’s senior leaders and ask them where they started. Their stories are testaments to true career potential and a company that cultivates talent and rewards key contributors.

At GTI, there are no silos. You can interact and learn about different aspects of our business and projects. You’ll have the chance to wear different hats and constantly escalate your skills and knowledge. When you’ve got colleagues with life preservers teaching you how to swim, you’re never really in over your head, right? You’re just pushing your own envelope.

If what drives you is the same as what drives us, maybe there’s trucker spirit in your DNA too.

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